Watch the videos below to hear about the progress individuals have experienced while participating in our NMC SCI Treatment Program!



Adil was injured at the T8 Level of his spine 35 years ago. After 4 months in the program, he describes improvement in his shoulder movement and feeling stronger through his core muscles. Fantastic job, Adil!






Damien was injured at the C4/C5 level of his spine in 2004. Shortly after joining the program, he describes feeling stronger in his upper body and core. Keep up the great work and positive attitude, Damien! 



Ellen was injured at the T6/T7 level of her spine in 1993. After 2 years in the program, she describes feeling stronger in her core muscles and has improved her ability to transfer. We thank her for always bringing such positive energy to her treatment sessions! 



Javier was injured at the C5/C6 level of his spine 21 years ago. He has been participating in this program for approximately 10 months. He describes becoming stronger and having more mobility in his upper extremities, as well as having more stability in his abdominals when he is sitting outside of his chair. We always look forward to your jokes and motivation at treatment, Javier! 



Mary Jane joined the program approximately 9 months ago. She describes feeling more sensation from her hips to her toes. Also, her abdominals and hip flexors continue to get stronger. Aside from loving to giggle, her favorite exercise is her seated march! Big thumbs up, Mary Jane!